Admission form can be picked up at the school premises or any of the following Banks for a non-refundable fee of #10,000;
  • Diamond Bank PLC
  • First Bank PLC
  • FCMB
​Upon completion, return to the school with all the necessary documents which include;

  • Photocopy of transfer letter from previous school or First School Leaving Certificate for applicant for 7th Grade
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Result sheet/statement of result from last class passed.
  • First page of International Passport showing bio-data. (For foreign applicants only)

Admission is strictly on merit, without bias of gender, religion, ethnicity or cultural background. Applicants to 7th must be at least 11 years of age by September of the admission year to be eligible for selection.


Parents who live outside Nigeria are welcome to apply for admission for their children. We can schedule and administer entrance test through applicant's current school. Admission forms can be completed online and we will provide further directions on the process from here

admission form Sec.pdf


As soon as students get to the senior class, they receive structured career counselling to enable them select the right option for study that match their interests and aptitudes.


The Five years of secondary education is to prepare for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the West Africa Examination Council Examinations. Students who have fulfilled the necessary requirements are presented by the college to sit for the IGCSE examination conducted by the University of Cambridge Local Education Syndicate (UCLES).

The first three years of college serve to introduce the students to more advanced study skills in preparation for the Checkpoint Examination  which takes place in the 9th Grade.
We run both Nigeria and British Curriculum which encompasses IGCSE, Cambridge Checkpoint, WAEC, NECO, JSCE, A-Level, SAT, TOEFL which guarantees our students'entry into any foreign Universities with ease.

We make use of diverse teaching methodologies that suits the individual needs of our students and also emphasize team teaching, group work and individual projects in all our educational programmes.


This begins in 9th Grade where student select subjects for a two year course of study. English and Mathematics are compulsory subjects and students make option choices according to their skills and interests.
Subject offered may include;
  • Art and Design
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • French Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Physical Education


Hansal International College operates both Day and Boarding system, providing a home for a collection of multinational students. Such diversity within our student body we hope will create an ideal ambience for forging relationships and learning about diverse cultures.

At Hansal International College, boarding is fun, but with a unique structure in place that allows for effective monitoring, personal responsibility and consideration for others. The hostel schedule is enriched with a lot of activities that cuts across academic, sporting, cultural and social activities that run every weekend in exception of examination periods.

At Hansal International College hostels, we endeavour to provide an excellent transition from home to independence and maturity.


Hansal International College is committed to produce students who are sound in learning and character. To this end, all students are expected to exhibit high moral conduct and subject themselves to the school rules and regulations. Failure to do this would result in varying disciplinary measures from the school authorities.

Outlined below are the school rules and regulations;
  • Students wishing to leave the school premises while classes are in session must obtain a written permission from the principal.
  • A student who is duly permitted to leave the compound during school hours must be properly dressed in the school uniform.
  • Any student who engages in examination malpractice would risk expulsion from the school.
  • No student is expected to accompany a parent or guardian or friend outside the premises when classes are in session; unless with the authorization of the Management or any appropriate staff.
  • Sexual immorality would be punishable by expulsion  from the school.
  • Any student caught in the possession of pornographic materials or literature would be severely punished.
  • Only electrical appliances provided by the school would be allowed on the compound, any unauthorized items would be seized in addition to due punishment. 
  • School fitting equipment and furniture should be handled with care. Any damaged would be surcharged to defaulters.
  • Act of smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, stealing and insubordination to the school authorities attracts expulsion.
  • Punctuality to every school program is a must, lateness would not be condoned.
  • The classroom would be used only for studies and other approved school activities
  • All students are expected to be neatly and correctly dressed at all time.
  • No club or society would be permitted to operate without the approval of the Management.
  • Parents or Guardians wishing to visit their children/ward are advised to stick to the visiting hours/days.
  • The school bell must be obeyed at all time.
  • Absence from classes except on a school assignment or on account of reported ill health is an offence.
  • Bullying of fellow student is prohibited.