Hansal International School has an easy but strict admission policy. Age is of paramount importance since we believe that age plays a vital role in the educational development of a child. Here is a breakdown of age and class classification;

Crèche      ---------    1year+

Toddler     ---------    2years

Nursery 1 ---------    3yrs

Nursery 2 ---------    4yrs

Nursery 3 ---------    5yrs

Grade 1     ---------    6yrs

Grade 2     ---------    7yrs

Grade 3     ---------    8yrs

Grade 4     ---------    9yrs

Grade 5     ---------    10yrs

Grade 6     ---------    11yrs

Admission can be processed online through the school website/portal or by visiting the Admission Department of the school. For further enquiry, you can contact the Admission Officer on 08034946028.


The school is organised into;

Nursery 1
Nursery 2
Nursery 3
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6

Where there is more than one class in a year group, pupils are assigned on the basis of both their ability and compatibility in term of individual need. As such, pupil grouping, together with Baseline Assessment on entry, allows work to be closely matched to each pupil’s stage of development.


We are committed to developing the cross-curricular elements of a child’s education. In common with many other schools locally and internationally, we have adopted the international primary curriculum which is a blend of Montessori, British, American, Frobel and local content curriculum. This promotes, exciting topics based learning that has a global understanding and relevance to the children. This enables the children to explore a concept from different subject perspectives without putting up unnatural boundaries. It also encourages the teaching of transferable skills and a love for life learning.

        We teach the children in 3 different stages.                                                    
A.     The Foundation stage (nursery and reception classes)                                                                                   
B.     Key stage 1 (grade 1-2)                                                                                    
C.     Key stage 2 (grade 3-6)

                         THE FOUNDATION STAGE

          The children in the Nursery and Reception classes follow the foundation stage of the international curriculum. The Foundation stage has to 6 areas of learning:                                                                                                                          
---Personal, social and economic development                                                               
---Communication, language and literacy                                                                      
---Mathematical development                                                                                       
---Moral, knowledge and understanding of the world                                                                      
---Physical development                                                                                                 
---Creative development

          This curriculum is designed to provide the children with key skills needed for learning. There is an emphasis on helping children to think; allowing  physical skills to develop; building  their confidence; aiding children auditory discrimination; developing self-help skills and providing children with skills to socialize.

                         KEY STAGE 1 AND KEY STAGE 2                            
-           Pupils in KS1 (Grade 1 and 2) and pupils in KS2 (Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6)                   
following the international curriculum. Their curriculum consist of:                                   
---English (literacy)                                                                                                             
---Information and communication technology (ICT)                                                            
---History/social and civic education                                                                                                           
---Physical and Health Education                                                                                  
 ---Art and design technology                                                                                             
---Home Economic


Children have wide and varied talents. We recognise how important it is that they are given opportunities to find a variety of ways in which they can achieve success and raise their self-esteem. The provision of extra-curricular activities is very important. We aim to involve all the children in the school in some form of additional activity. Activities may include;

Table tennis
Television programme production
Radio Programme production
Movie and drama production
News casting and reporting
Mad science
School band e.t.c.