Miss Judith Macintosh

         (Head Mistress Nursery)


Hansal International School is a Nursery and Primary School that was founded by Her Excellency (Mrs.) Esther Iyorozitei Seibarugu on the 17th of September, 2012. The school commenced full operation with few pupils, 20 academic staff and 15 non-academic staff. Today, our population had increased tremendously.


Hansal International School currently occupies about 300 plots of land. It has one Administrative block, two academic blocks, a paediatric centre, staff quarters and large parking space.


There are 36 Classrooms, each classroom housing its own toilet. The classrooms are spacious, well illuminated and conducive for proper learning. Additional facilities include; spacious and well equipped playing field, large assembly hall, Art Centre, Music studio, Science laboratory, Food technology room (Home Economics), ICT centre, Language Lab, well stocked library and Media room. There is a garden, which offers horticultural opportunities and eco-learning.

Hansal International School is well resourced, and information and communication technology is strength of the school. A specialist technician and teachers support ICT provision and wide use is made of ICT to enhance learning throughout the school.One coaster bus and two mini buses provide effective transport system for the school. This also enables all groups to make regular use of the community (Field trip) and this forms an important aspect of the school curriculum.


The school has a large, well-qualified and talented team of teaching and support staff. In the Nursery section for instance, each class is entitled to a teacher and a care-giver (Minder). We also have special teachers in Music, Art, Physical and Health Education, French, Geography, Home Economics, Science and ICT. Our team of experts in media, speech therapy, combat sport and many more add flavour to our extracurricular activities.

The school acknowledges the staff as its greatest resource.


A.     To ensure that moral values underpin every aspect of school life and are evident in our respect for each other.

B.     To create a safe, caring and happy environment where our children can achieve their full individual potential in every aspect of their learning and will be equipped with the skills for a successful and fulfilling life.

C.     To have high expectation of behaviour, achievement and creativity.

D.     To encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle.

E.     To equip and enable our children to become valued members of the wider community and confidently deal with changes and experiences throughout their lives.

F.     To develop an awareness of their immediate local and global environment and a tolerance and understanding of other culture and religions.G.     To develop a strong learning environment where staff, children, parents and the local community can learn together in partnership with one another.